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Can Pilates help me reach me fitness and physique goals?

This is a difficult question to answer because it really depends on many factors including your diet.

Pilates is designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles and can help you increase your strength and achieve a high level of fitness if practiced properly and regularly.  Your instructor cannot guarantee any results from Pilates practice because there are many other factors involved in weight loss and fitness aside from your exercise program.

Do I have to be flexible to practice Pilates?

No, you do not have to be flexible.  In fact, if you are not flexible Pilates would be extremely beneficial for you!

Pilates is designed to strengthen as well as lengthen muscles and is beneficial for anyone.

Pilates is NOT just stretching.

I have an injury or health condition, is Pilates suitable for me?

Please contact your physician or physical therapist to inquire whether starting a practice of Pilates would be safe for you.

If your doctor or PT approves you for a Pilates practice please bring a list of contraindicated movements with you to your class so your instructor can design a safe program for you.

Please email any questions and we would be happy to answer them for you 24/7/365.