Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training in Utah County

Next Session Begins March 5th 2020

Utah County Pilates Teacher Training
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Mat Pilates Certification

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Mat certification is an excellent way to start your certification as a full Pilates instructor at a much slower pace or it can make it more affordable as well.  If you've always wanted to be a Pilates teacher but have found it too overwhelming or expensive the Mat certification is an excellent option for you.

Full Mat Certification Levels 1-4

  • You will study both classical & contemporary styles
  •  Pilates anatomy & physiology as it relates to mat Pilates
  • Learn how to structure an effective mat Pilates class
  •  Master Pilates principles and all the classical mat pilates exercises in proper order.

The most comprehensive Mat Pilates Certification so you will be well prepared to teach effective mat Pilates classes.

Mat certification is $500